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caming March 16, 2010

Camping March 2010

We went caping along the coast, two days in Stillwater then off to Wrights Beach (pictures are all from Wrights)

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Kart Action April 19, 2009

Kart action

Took the kart out to the track in Davis CA and ran some laps on practice day. Was a bad day, crashed shortly after these pictures and damaged the kart. Repaired now and ready to head back out.

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Hardwood floors April 6-10, 2009

Refinishing the hardwood floors (Finally!)

We finally have a crew at the house to refinish the floors, and boy is it looking great so far! Started Monday 4-6-09 and will be done Friday 4-10-09. Look at the pictures, what a difference... Love it!

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Featured in MINI Trucking magazine March 24, 2009

Holly SH*T I got featured in MINI Truckin Mag!

I built (or started to really) a 1/25th scale model for an online contest for MINI Trucking Magazine. I did not finish the truck and kind of forgot about the contest really. So I pick up the April issue on the newsstand and thumb through it, and what do I see, ME!
Oh yeah here is the link to more pictures of my build (click me) Our pets Our pets Our pets


grubbin dinner January 18, 2009

Fresh Crawfish from Farmers' Market

Carrie picked up 3 lbs of live crawfish at the farmer's market today. Cooked em up in a cajun style pot of sausages, potatoes, mushrooms, corn on the cob, clams and squash! So yummie. Was a lil sad to dump them live buggers into boiling water, but we did it.

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weekend in Tahoe January 11, 2009

Another weekend in Tahoe

We blasted up the road toward Tahoe Friday evening in search of fun in the snow. We got there and low and behold a lot of it was melted away! We did manage to find some to play in and even took a ride to the top of Heavenly.

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Getting into the Hilday Spirit December 14, 2008

Begriming to look a lot like...

Well it is December and that means we can officially hang the Holiday Lights and set up the tree. So we did. Cold weather and holiday lights, dang it must be close to Christmas!

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Some recent photography. Click pictures for larger version
Our pets Our pets Our pets Our pets Our pets Our pets


Some of my art. Click pictures for larger version
Our pets Our pets Our pets Our pets Our pets

Sunset in Tahoe Nov 27, 2008

Thanksgiving at our house

Once again the Turkey is sacrificed for your tummies. We had a great time visiting with family. Doug came in a day early to prep and cook, so yummie - Thanks Doug! (that's Doug in the picture to the left - say "hi Doug")

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Sunset in Tahoe Nov 9, 2008

Time to get out and protest the passing of Prop 8 in CA

Over 4,000 people came out in support. Was a great rally, lets hope this gets overturned!!!! Join our Facebook group (click here)

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Sunset in Tahoe Oct 12, 2008

Jim and David's new place in Tahoe, NV

We have spent the past few days at Jim and David's amazing new home in Tahoe on the lake!

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Past News

Our Last International Travel Pictures

Latest News image Gone to Germany & Prague -- Pictures are posted!

Our second International adventure took us to Germany and Prague. We landed in Berlin, stayed a night in a freakin castle! We rented a car and drove got to drive 120+ MPH on the Autobahn! We traveled trough the Rhine Valley, the Romantic Road down to Austria. Then we made our way back to Munich (Octoberfest!) Next was the Czech Republic - 3 days in Prague! Back to Berlin and a nice visit with Bill, his wife and two wonderful girls! What a great trip!

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